3 Common Mistakes People Make When Selecting a PDF Reader

PDF readers have opened new doors to creating, editing and transferring data digitally. It is not only a cost-effective method but also helps save a lot of paper, thus helping the environment.


Apart from that, .pdf is one of the most used extensions now. In fact, many believe that it has even overtaken .rtf and .doc due to its many features including higher security and ease of use.


While PDF readers are great, choosing one can be a major problem due to the huge availability of options. A lot of people often end up picking a wrong software, i.e: one that does not offer all the features that a good PDF reader like Sodapdf.com does.


Let’s have a look at the mistakes to avoid when picking a PDF reader:


  1. Poor Interface

It doesn’t matter what kind of features a PDF reader offers, it will not be of much use to you if it is not user-friendly.


The interface of a PDF reader holds great significance because if you are an avid reader or if you’re using a PDF reader to do official work then you would be spending hours on the reader and having a poor interface can take the charm away from it.


The job of a PDF reader is to make things easier for you. However, a complicated PDF reader can frustrate you. Imagine having to spend minutes before you find the option to zoom in on a file. This is why you need a tool that’s easy to use so that you can complete your tasks quickly and easily.



  1. Not Using the Free Option

There is no harm in choosing a paid version of a PDF software but you must be sure of its quality before you do so. This is why we suggest you first use the free version before you make a purchase so that you don’t end up regretting your decision later on.


  1. Lack Of Features

Downloading a PDF reader without knowing what features it offers is a huge mistake. Therefore, do a bit of research and choose one that offers:


  • Multiple reading options.
  • E-sign.
  • Security features (Password protect, file access, file restrictions).
  • E-book features (comment, highlight, read out loud).
  • File conversion.
  • File organization.


How to Know if a PDF Reader is Good Enough

You can check reviews to know more about how good or bad a PDF reader is. However, we suggest that you look at third-party sites and social media platforms to know what others actually think about a PDF reader since testimonials found on the official site may not always be real.


Other than this, you can also use a demo version of the tool to know about its capabilities. This is the easiest way to know if a tool is good enough for you or not.


The Conclusion

Avoid making these 3 mistakes and you’ll get a PDF reader that’s best in every aspect.