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ANC loses bid to recover his domain name

The ANC has lost its bid to recover the domain name from the original website.

The South African Institute for Intellectual Property Law (SAIIPL) has reigned against the party in its dispute against Unwembi Communications.

Unwembi Communications has been fighting for months with the ANC about not paying hosting and development costs for the party's website.

The company sues the party for R32 million because of the payment dispute, while the ANC tries to recover the original & # 39; anc.org.za & # 39; domain name.

To combat this, the ANC has recently announced the launch of a new official website – www.anc1912.org.za – after its website at "anc.org.za" was taken offline by Unwembi Communications.

In the SAIIPL judgment, the referee expressed his dissatisfaction with the behavior of both parties, but came to the conclusion that the ANC's request to return his domain was not substantiated with sufficient evidence.

The contractual waiver between the parties is now the subject of proceedings before the Supreme Court, and the arbitrator believes that it is unnecessary and unwise to give any judgment on the merits of this contractual dispute, according to the verdict.

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