Farm Attack: armed robber killed during the flight for the elderly couple's farm

An armed robber was shot and killed after a farm attack in Smithfield, Free State, while an accomplice was on the run.

According to police spokesman Constable Peter Kareli, two men entered a farm in the area on Monday afternoon.

Kareli said that the robbers had entered the bedroom of the elderly couple and watched the couple sleep.

The robbers would have attacked the couple with a steel bar, demanding money and firearms.

The suspects managed to gain access to the safe and stole two guns and two guns.

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"The alarm went off and Smithfield's local farmers and police officers responded quickly, one of the suspects being spotted jumping over the fence with a bag, dropping the bag and leaping into a muddy, wet land surrounded by long grass.

"Farmers and local police surrounded the area and as they approached the area, a single gunshot was heard from the direction of the long grass.When the police approached to investigate, they found a male person with a gunshot wound on the forehead. were found next to the deceased and the other was found in the bag that the deceased dropped during an attempt to jump over the fence, "Kareli said.

The second suspect was still on the run. Smithfield police requested communities in the nearby cities to be vigilant and not to approach the suspect because he was considered armed and dangerous.

The police investigate a case of armed robbery and have also opened an inquest coffin.

Theft suspects arrested

In a separate incident, Zamdela police in Sasolburg, Free State arrested three men on Monday, who were wanted for armed robbery and attempted murder in the area.

The police also found a gun and a toy gun when arresting the suspects.

Kareli said the men were arrested by members of the Zamdela detectives, K9 Sasolburg and Crime intelligence units.

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On 28 December last year, the trio attacked a coat hanger owner who went shopping with his employee and his brother.

"Three armed suspects attacked the brother and shot him in, the other two pushed him into the shop where they also told the employee and the owner to go to the back room and lock them up.

The suspects took a secret amount of cash and fled the scene. The injured man was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment. Cases of armed robbery and attempted murder were recorded for further investigation.

On Monday, the police followed information that led them to a home where the three suspects were found.

The suspects can be linked to four other similar cases of company robbery.

They are expected to appear shortly at the Sasolburg Magistrate's Court on charges of corporate robbery and attempted murder.

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