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Hearthstone & # 39; s new Rise of Shadows expansion lets the bad guys win

fire plate, Blizzard's digital card game, loves exploring alternative takes on knowledge World of Warcraft. Sometimes this means that all our favorite heroes die and come back as Death Knights, or we get the chance to visit an in-game zone again with a new twist. This time it means we are taking on the role of a bunch of Warcraft bad guys and besieging Dalaran, the magical floating city that serves as the basis for the benevolent magicians of the world.

The League of EVIL brings out a cast of villains fire plateIs past, including Dr. Boom and Hagatha the Witch. Rise of Shadows will also introduce a large number of new cards (135 of them), including legendary takes on inheritance characters such as Kalecgos and Chef Nomi.

There are two new mechanisms that will exist on cards in the Rise of Shadows expansion. The first, Twinspell, applies to spells. After you have spelled with Twinspell, you get a copy of that spell in your hand, so that you can use the same skill twice. Unlike Echo, you can hold your Twinspell for a later turn.

The new extension also has lackeys, cards generated by someone else Rise of Shadows Cards. You can't put these five lackeyes (one for every villain in the trailer) in your deck, but you can play them on the battlefield once they are made by another Rise of Shadows Map. They are weak, with 1/1 stats, but they have a strong fight to disrupt the field.

We also get a mechanic called Schedules & # 39; s. Scheme cards are spells that start weak, but the longer you hold them in your hand, the stronger they become.

And last but not least, Rise of Shadows will use mechanics and key words from earlier extensions, creating a more uniform – and potentially deadly – set of meta cards. It is thematically appropriate, since the bad guys we've defeated from the past are coming back and bringing in their most powerful skills.

Rise of Shadows will launch a single player campaign in May that will offer the most campaign content. The first chapter is free, with the following four chapters costing 700 gold each (or $ 19.99 for all four). The five chapters will give players 15 Rise of Shadows packs, a golden classic pack and Shadow Cloak, which randomly unlocks one of the five new decks that match the five traditional villains.

There are pre-purchase tiers that unlock Rise of Shadow card packages, an exclusive card back, a golden legendary and a new Madame Luzul Priest hero portrait with voice lines and sound effects.

Rise of Shadows will appear on April 9 and will be the first extension of fire plateThe year of the dragon. View the first cards from Rise of Shadows in the gallery below.

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