Microsoft kindly asks that you stop blowing vape smoke into your Xbox Series X.


No console is immune from launch day tech hiccups, but the Xbox Series X appears to be the most solid unit ever to come out of Bill Gates’ house. It’s well ventilated, the box it ships in can protect it from even the most pissed off of couriers venting their frustrations about anything marked “vulnerable”, and will help relieve any persistent PTSD through the red ring of the Death that ravaged Xbox 360 owners back several gaming generations.

That’s not to say that some people haven’t had a problem with their absolute units. If you were browsing the web yesterday, you’ve probably seen a clip like this go viral:

While that may seem like an Xbox Series X testing the next generation of campfire tech, it’s actually a cheeky ruse that’s easy to perform, provided you love to blow out self-righteous hipster smoke to a level that even blows the brow would accelerate. from your local Bob Marley fan club. As you would notice the clips are only a few seconds long as the trick comes from vape users blowing smoke into the bottom of the Xbox Series X and then filming it once the fan starts spinning and all the puff puffery blows out the top.

It’s a joke to earn a few internet points quickly, but it’s one you really shouldn’t or you would damage the internal hardware with your disgusting pine-apple scented nicotine. “We can’t believe we should say this, but please don’t blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X,” reads a tweet from the official Xbox Twitter account.

So there you have it. Your Xbox Series X is not about to set your house on fire as part of a billion dollar revenge plan for participating in the 2014 Xbone prank.

Last updated: November 12, 2020

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