Ramaphosa: growing black anger over & # 39; lackadaisical & # 39; whites with power

White South Africans, especially those with power in their hands, must realize that especially young black people are becoming increasingly angry about their "lackadaisical" attitude, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Thursday evening, during a live interview on 702 and CapeTalk by Xolani Gwala .

According to Ramaphosa, this can be seen as a justified anger, especially among young black professionals who feel that, despite gaining qualifications, they do not have access to the labor market.

"We must never give up preaching about this kind of thing." If we give this up, SA falls into chaos. "We have become free by putting pressure on apartheid rulers." We have to use a multitude of pressure points, "Ramaphosa said.

"We can not run away from our country and the building project for nations, we have to continue."

Asked whether the "Ramaphoria" was changed to "Armageddon" after his election, Ramaphosa said that economic analysts only watch "certain moments" in the history of a country.

"They connect to a particular event and then make their conclusions," he said.

Instead, ask ordinary people & # 39;

Ramaphosa prefers to use ordinary people & # 39; as a barometer of views about the economy and whether Ramaphoria has changed in Armageddon or not.

"We recently called an investment conference and received local and offshore companies that came together and said they believed that SA was being renewed and rebuilt," Ramaphosa said.

"Let's look ahead instead of backwards." Do not just look at the price of petrol, the renewal phase is not gone, I feel hopeful about the future of SA and that also applies to many ordinary people. "

Still trapped in the apartheid past

Ramaphosa acknowledged that SA has to deal with problems arising from various factors. He said these factors included the structure of the SA economy, which is still "trapped in the apartheid past".

"We want to distance ourselves from this and encourage people to become part of the economy." These are serious problems that we can deal with, "he said.

He is satisfied with initiatives and suggestions that so far come from events such as the ban top.

"We also said that the minimum wage will begin to reduce inequality, which will yield more disposable income," Ramaphosa said.

Minimum wage to keep rising

He said that this was only a beginning, because the minimum wage would "continue to rise" until it reached the level of a living wage.

"We have been dealing with a large number of things, a combination of our strategies and initiatives will help us move forward," said Ramaphosa.

"We focus on youth employment, we open roads, especially for young people and women to have access to the workplace."

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