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The 3 most requested skills at Vodacom

Vodacom is on a digital transformation journey that requires skills and expertise in the field of big data, artificial intelligence and automated process automation.

The company told MyBroadband that there is a scarcity of these three skills, not just in South Africa, but all over the world.

Although the company does its best to acquire these skills, it also works with its partners to ensure a self-sustaining approach to dealing with scarcity.

What Vodacom is looking for in candidates

Although skills are a core component of Vodacom's recruitment process, the company is also looking for a good cultural fit.

"We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about stimulating business transformation and have an impact in society," said Vodacom.

"We are also looking for people who have the potential to identify and adapt to the goal of our organization to connect for a better future."

Advice for job seekers

Vodacom & # 39; s advice to job seekers is to be curious about the future and think about the impact you can have on society.

"Make a conscious decision to work with companies, individuals or people who have a strong interest in making a difference in society," Vodacom said.

Vodacom added that a deliberate attempt to keep learning and resettling yourself is a great way to stay ahead in the power game.

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