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Thomas Mapfumo got stuck in Zimbabwe

Decorated Chimurenga musician Thomas "Mukanya" Mapfumo, 73, says he had to postpone his return to Oregon in the United States of America, where he lived for nearly 15 years to pay for the band he contracted.

Mukanya said after the Peace Tour music promoter fooled him last December, "I postponed my return to America because I wanted to work and pay for the band I had contracted.

"I could have returned to America before settling the arrears, but it is not ethically correct, I was not raised that way." What I strive for is just peace of mind. "

In an interview with the Daily News, Mapfumo said he attributes his long life to remaining true to the principles of ubuntu.

Mukanya, who has been in the country since December since the ill-fated Peace Tour, told the Daily News that ubuntu is all about sharing and feeling for others.

"We are Africans and we have our ubuntu that defines us as Africans, we must always be guided by our ubuntu culture, just be good to other people the way you want them to be good to you." That way you will lead a blessed and contented life, "said Mapfumo.

Pamuromo Chete's hitzer urged young people, especially up-and-coming musicians, to avoid moral decadence so that they would live longer. "The problem with young people is that when they get popular and get a little bit of money, it quickly comes into their own to have many sexual partners, which is very dangerous.

"Young people should just strive to take good care of themselves before they reach my age, and they must continue to be led by ubuntu," said Mukanya.

He urged the Zimbabweans to refuse all forms of oppression so that they could live longer.

"Personally, I cannot remain silent when I see that what is being done is not right. We all need a good life, a life in which everyone can afford basic tools such as shelter and food.

"If we remain silent when someone violates our freedoms, we are doomed to death, and when our rights are abused, even by our leaders, we must all stand up and condemn the abuse." Young people, especially young musicians, should not let themselves be killed before they grow up, "said Mapfumo, who turns 74 on July 3.

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