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SACRAMENTO, CA (KTXL / CNN) – If you have ever used too much data on your mobile phone, you may have noticed that your speed is slow.

It will be throttling & # 39; and Californian legislators call on Verizon to do this to first responders who fight forest fires.

Smartphones, laptops and tablets have become essential tools for firefighters to save homes and lives.

That is why Californian lawmakers were furious to learn that a group of Santa Clara firefighters operating a communication post during the Mendocino Complex Fire limited their data.

"This is inexcusable, it is inexcusable," said Marc Levine, a California state assembly. "This was not a fire drill, this was now the biggest fire in California history, and only a year after the most destructive fire in California history."

On Friday, Levine held a research meeting with the fire brigade of Santa Clara County and Verizon executives.

"Most people agree that we should never cut first-responders," Levine said.

Verizon directors refused to answer questions from reporters after the meeting.

But Dave Hickey, Verizon's vice president for corporate and government sales, told Levine and other lawmakers a prepared statement: "We're doing everything we can to ensure that [throttling first responders] never happens again. "

Hickey said Verizon removed all the shortcuts for firefighters on the west coast and Hawaii, where emergency officials have worked to help people in areas that are flooded by Tropical Storm Lane.

Hickey and other Verizon executives also answered the committee's questions. The Santa Clara firefighters who came to the hearing, however, did not hang around to hear it.

"A lot is going on this summer, we're going back to the Bay Area so we can go back to work," said Captain Bill Murphy of the Santa Clara County fire brigade.

Verizon is also working on the rollout of a new plan to remove data flaps for first responders across the country. It must take effect next week.

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