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AKA is sued for copyright infringement

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Even Sony Music South Africa is involved in the case because Lubisi claims they are trying to hijack the author's rights of the song by claiming he has signed his rights on them.

Lubisi deposited documents at the South Gauteng High Court and asked the court to declare him the sole copyright holder of both songs due to the fact that he never gave anyone permission to reprocess the song has neither renounced its rights.

The Daily Sun once reported on AKA that it admitted to using part of the Lubisi work and offered to apologize to him for not crediting the 68-year-old producer. In the same report, AKA stated that it wanted to attribute the credit to the producer, but it struggled to locate it.

Despite the drama, Lubisi told the Daily Sun that he loved what AKA did with his version of the song, stating "I like the way he sings, his song reminds me of the music of the 80s. I am quite impressed by him, but next time he must give credit where it is due. "

The couple eventually met and Lubisi declared that he and AKA have entered into an agreement with Universal Music South Africa to share the proceeds generated by the song of AKA in terms of violation of its copyright.

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