Bobby Brown tells us: "God is still working on me & # 39;

Leandra Engelbrecht from Channel24 spoke with Bobby Brown about the new two-part mini-series based on his life, The Bobby Brown Story. (Editor's note: Channel24 could not ask questions about Whitney Houston during the interview process.)

Cape Town – Bobby Brown needs no introduction. The "King of R & B" has been in the spotlight for decades.

And now the My privilege singer finally tells his own story in the new mini-series The story of Bobby Brown.

The two-part event will be broadcast on BET (DStv 129) on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September at 20:00.

Although he has been mentioned many times and can be seen in films and documentaries about ex-wife Whitney Houston, this series focuses on his story.

"The story is about my life when I was a child to come upstairs, all my ups and downs, the good times and the bad times," Bobby says during a telephone interview with Channel24.

"It also shows my growth, how I became happy again and started to love myself, you can see that in this show."

Bobby Brown, Alicia Etheredge and Cassius Brown po


For Bobby it was important to be here to tell his story.

"You do not want anyone to mix up and I wanted to share it with my children and my wife, I'm just grateful that we did it and we're able to give it to people while we're still here . "

In 2012 Bobby married his manager Alicia Etheridge. The couple has three children together, Cassius, Bodhi and Hendrix.

The story of Bobby Brown continues where it is praised The story of the new edition – which was broadcast last year – ends.

Woody McClain, who played the singer in the former biopic, repeats the role.

Woody McClain as Bobby Brown at The Bobby Brown St

In preparation for the role Woody spent a lot of time with Bobby and his family, where he got to see the kind of man he is.

Bobby has much praise for the 29-year-old.

"I like him very much, he's a very good child, I think he's one of the hot new stars to see, he's a very talented man, I think he did a great job."

The personal struggle of the 49-year-old with drug abuse, his intervention in the law and his tumultuous relationship with Whitney has been published on a large scale.

Although he admits that some things are hard to re-experience, the series is also a form of therapy for him.

"It's just facts, the facts of my life, and I can not be afraid of what has happened, you have to be afraid of what you never want to happen again. & # 39;


Together with the show, Bobby released his first single in six years on the soundtrack.

Like Bobby was written by the award-winning songwriter Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and produced musician / songwriter Teddy Riley.

Speaking of the song he says that it summarizes everything you see in the show.

"It gives you the answer to all the craziness that I have experienced in my life – all ups and downs – it lists everything and regardless of what you go through, you have to stand on your own feet."


Bobby also intimated that he plans to return to South Africa for touring towards the end of the year.

And what does he hope that viewers deprive of his life story?

"I hope that they distance themselves from this, that I am not a perfect man, but that I am working to become a better man." I hope that they get rid of my trials and trials, but I try to become better – God is still working on me.

"I want them to enjoy the series and just know that they do not have to go through the same things that I've experienced in my life."


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