Boity opens around her and the & # 39; way back & # 39; friendship of Queen B – news from South Africa

Boity recently opened her old friendship with Bonang Matheba. The two go far back and Boity has made love and respect for Queen B.

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Because they are both big names in Mzansi, the two cross paths are often. Boity stated that her and B have known each other from the beginning and have grown together.

The hitmaker of & # 39; Wuz Dat & # 39; stressed that B & # 39; one of the most supportive people & # 39; is. She said she knows she can count on her at any time and that is something she really appreciates.

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Boity said that although her and B are not seen much together, they are still tight and nothing changes, regardless of the time they spend apart.

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Making friends in such a cutthroat sector is difficult, especially those you can count on. Boity and B have something special.

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