Bow Wow says he almost died & # 39; because of a cough syrup addiction

  • In a row of tweets, Bow Wow opened his struggles with drug addiction.
  • In his role, the rapper said that when he was working on his 2007 album "Face Off" with Omarion, he was high on cough syrup.
  • "For youth: stop these stupid drugs … I let go," he said. "When I and Omarion were working on the & # 39; FACE OFF & # 39; album, I was able to lean every day! When you saw me go BET on Torae, I was high, my attitude, everything changed . & # 39;
  • He concluded his message to encourage people to become sober and to get help when they need it.
  • "DRUG-FREE IS THE WAY TO BE! Be careful, get it out of here, we can not lose you anymore, not one! I love you all. The young artists [and] all children around the world … do not follow a trend, "he said. Break the cycle. "

In a recent thread of tweets, the rapper Bow Wow opened his personal experience with addiction to the lean drug – a powerful combination of codeine cough syrup, soft drinks and sometimes sweets.

In his reports, the rapper said that when he was working on his 2007 album "Face Off" with Omarion, he was addicted to drugs, including cough syrup.

"For youth: stop these stupid drugs …" he began. "I'm going to let go, when I and Omarion were working on the album" FACE OFF ", I was skinny every day! When you saw me go to BET on Torae, I was completely skinny. everything has changed. "

Bow Wow, born Shad Moss, stated in extra tweets that taking medication not only changed his behavior, but also his physical health. In the end the rapper said that his friends and family started to run & # 39; During a tour with Chris Brown he became unconscious and woke up in the hospital where he went through withdrawal, He wrote.

"I have never felt such pain," he said about the experience. "It was summer, but I walked around with 3 hoodies because I was so cold I missed the show in Chicago that tour [and the] Show Baltimore BECAUSE I WAS F —— HIGH AND SICK! "

He decided his story and encouraged his followers to become sober and get help when they needed it.

He also said that he wants to be a better lawyer in the future.

"Ima starts to be more vocal, we have to save the youth to go out early," he said. "Parents look at your children, explain them, we want you all to live, I almost died with syrup, and to this day I have been hit. & # 39;

Bow Wow also went to Instagram to show the reality of his experience with his drug addiction.

"Children STOP THE DRUGS STOP THE PILL POPPING. We want you here. You have so much life," he subtitled his Instagram. "I never thought rapping about my addiction was what I wanted in a song, so I kept it private, but now you see why I was so angry at this point of my life after all these years. Boweezy. & # 39;

Bow Wow & # 39; s post came less than a week after rapper Mac Miller died of an obvious overdose. Miller was open about his experience with addiction during his career.

Approximately 21.5 million American adults struggle against an addiction disorder, according to the national survey on drug use and health. Of those people, the percentage of recurrences is between 40 and 60%, according to American Addiction Centers.

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