Dr. Oz grills Roseanne Barr on Twitter controversy

Roseanne Barr thinks it's time to ignore the controversy surrounding her tweet about Valerie Jarrett & # 39;

The 65-year-old actress had her same-named sitcom canceled earlier this year by ABC, after she had compared the political advisor with a monkey, but Roseanne insisted that she did not mean it as a racist temptation and that she now wants a line draw under the incident.

During a short interview with Dr. Oz said to Roseanne: "Some messages that connect the points of racism are subtle." You said the word "monkey" in modern America. & # 39;

The experienced star then tried to clarify her remarks, and stressed that she was not going to cause such an offense

She said, according to the New York Post the column & # 39; Page six & # 39; from the newspaper: "No, I said, Planet of the apesThat's a movie … No, I know what you're doing and the rest is doing it … I said: & # 39;Planet of the apes& # 39 ;, What a science fiction film is about the overthrow of malevolent overlords, such as Iran. And I apologized for this …

"I thought Valerie Jarrett was an Iranian woman, like many people, I did not understand she was an Afro-American woman, when I saw her on TV and she did her DNA test, and she is also 46 percent European, so let's just go along. "

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In her original tweet Roseanne said that Valerie – who served as the senior adviser to former US President Barack Obama – resembled the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the apes "Had a baby"

ABC president Channing Dungey then said that Roseanne with her tweet & # 39; had crossed a limit that can not be exceeded.

When she explained the decision to cancel her sitcom, he said: "[The decision] was actually made very quickly, and what I'm going to say is that it was nice that it was so clear to everyone that there was not much discussion and discussion about it. We knew what we wanted to do and we did it.

"For us we have had contact with Roseanne several times, and this tweet has certainly crossed the border that can not be exceeded, but it was enough for us to feel enough and something had to be done."

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