Harry and Meghan's app-driven sex life

We feel obliged to report – unverified, we rush to add – that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle take their marital responsibilities very seriously.

We all saw the smile between them at their wedding when the Archbishop of Canterbury wished them the blessing of babies, and now Hollywood Life reports that Harry and Meghan "have non-stop babysitting sex at every hour of the day, and that Meghan" uses an app on her phone that tracks her fertility ", meaning she and Harry allegedly make time for each other, & # 39; morning, afternoons and & # 39; at night … and Harry does not complain at all. & # 39;

While the accuracy of the report on Hollywood Life, which is not really the BBC when it comes to royal news, can not be verified, of course, it is no secret that Harry, who turns 34 tomorrow, and Meghan, 37, want a baby, and soon.

They talked about it in their engagement talk – Harry said, "Hopefully we'll start a family in the near future" – and some observers with eagles' eyes say they've got some clues in recent days that Meghan could be pregnant: the loose fit of Meghan & # 39; s dress during the 100 Days to Peace Gala in London on September 6 led to a rumor of pregnancy rumors.

While some claim that Meghan's intentions with respect to conception are not someone's business but hers, the truth is that pregnancy rumors are a hallmark of royal life as long as the hereditary principle exists. Indeed, pregnancy (or, to be precise, the lack of it) was largely responsible for the splitting of Great Britain with Rome under Henry VIII and the establishment of the Church of England. The fact that Meghan's baby will be the first biracial prince or princess of Britain has only fueled the national culture of royal baby anticipation.

Unlike Kate and William, who have waited nearly 18 months to conceive, it is generally expected, not least because of Harry's frequent comments about how much he wants children, that Harry and Meghan will strive sooner work on things.

And they will not be confronted with the same constitutional dilemmas that Harry's older brother was confronted with. William and Kate's decision to postpone starting a family had multiple causes; in the first place the couple did not want to overshadow the celebrations for Her Majesty's diamond jubilee, and they patiently waited for the British parliament to ratify a change in the laws of succession which meant that every child of them, male or female, would have equal rights to inherit the throne.

British bookmakers have curtailed the chances of the newlywed couple announcing a pregnancy next year and many expect an announcement that a royal baby is imminent.

However, other observers have said that Meghan and Harry's royal trip to Australasia, scheduled to start on October 16, may be a sign that the couple must put baby plans on hold.

The countries Tonga and Fiji, both on the program, are areas where the mosquito-borne Zika virus – which can be very dangerous for unborn children – is widespread.

Pregnant women are advised by UK health authorities to avoid becoming pregnant for at least six months after visiting areas affected by Zika, which is particularly dangerous because it causes little or no symptoms in adults.

However, Zika transfer to unborn children remains rare, despite millions of people living in areas affected by the virus.

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