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Spoilers for anyone who has not read Infinity Wars # 3.

After the long Marvel tradition of synergy, their current Infinity Wars event that happens in the comics is his latest universe shattering consequence to gaming. Starting with the mobile action RPG Marvel Future Fight, the Infinity Warped characters that have become Gamora's use of the Infinity Stones, come to the game.

The update brings new mash-up characters from the popular Marvel Super Heroes: Arachknight (Spiderman / Moon Knight), Ghost Panther (Ghost Rider / Black Panther), Iron Hammer (Iron Man / Thor) and Weapon Hex (X-23 / Scarlett). Witch), in battle as they join the war to control the reborn Infinity Stones.

Each of these characters has combined special movements with their basic signs that are already part of the game. Ghost Panther uses the same hellfire capabilities as Ghost Rider and has speed attacks like Black Panther.

The latest game update also adds new uniforms for existing characters in the game, with Agent Venom's Agent Anti-Venom Uniform, Quicksilver & # 39; s Marvel Legacy Uniform and Medusa's Monsters Unleashed Uniform .

You can download Future Fight on the following platforms:

App Store®:

Google Play:

With other Marvel titles like Strike Force, Battle Lines and Contest of Champions that are constantly being updated, we will probably get more of this stuck Marvel reality in those games.

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