Lebo M: I have not made R37m an investment in Bitcoin

The world-famous producer Lebo M comes with garbage reports and claims that he has made R37 million from a Bitcoin trading platform that is currently doing the rounds

On Instagram, Lebo take shared screenshots of the false reports claiming that he has revealed his strategy for making money on TV shows Expresso.

The report claimed that he began to invest in the platform after he "broke" in 2017.

"There is a fake news story about Lebo M and Bitcoin, I have no idea what this is about and have not shown breakfast of any kind, it's fraud," he said.

While the claims about the Bitcoin trading platform are false, Lebo M was startled by broken rumors in 2017 after it appeared he was filing for bankruptcy

When Lebo M told Tshisa Live that he was not broke, he filed a court order that protected him from creditors, so he could restructure his finances & # 39;

"There's a difference between bankruptcy and chapter 11. I'm happy The financial structure in Los Angeles had to be adjusted on a number of points, but it was a strategic realignment, it was a rearrangement of an incoming new infrastructure that handles my business management, "Lebo M told the publication at that time.

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