Mac Miller Death Investigation focused on History with Drugs & # 39;

The research on how Mac Miller died depends on the findings in his toxicological report, and those closest to him, told the researchers that the star had a long history of substance abuse, including the use of cocaine and opiates.

Law enforcement sources tell the assistant of The Blast Miller, who initially did not respond to him, was interviewed about the details of the time prior to his death. The man explained that he had appeared Friday, as he did most days, to raise him & # 39; and the day began when he discovered that the 26-year-old was unresponsive in bed.

We have been told that the assistant told the researchers that he had spoken to Miller around 10:30 am and that he was in good shape & # 39; seemed to be. He said there was no reason to be alarmed after he spoke to the star.

During the interview, we were told that Miller had a history of alcohol and drug abuse & # 39; revealed and specifically mentioned that the rapper was a user of cocaine, opiates and prescription drugs. Miller had been open about his drug abuse in the past, but had thought he would work on avoiding hard drugs.

In fact, even French Montana Once made a documentary with Miller and tried to give the rapper advice about staying away from drinking Lean, a mixture of promethazine and codeine.


Regarding the type of medicine that could be taken, we were told that the researchers were aware of the reputation of the rapper "Small Worlds", and of "non-prescription opiates". Codeine is classified as an opiate, but right now point researchers do not know which drugs, or combo of drugs, he consumed the night before his death.

The explosion broke the story, Miller's death was postponed until the toxicological tests were returned to the medical researcher. However, sources close to the study tell us during the autopsy of the star, tests were performed to determine whether internal organs were damaged by prior drug use.

Miller's body is released to his family and a funeral is expected in the coming days. During a memorial in Pittsburgh, the hometown of Mac, his grandmother talked about the love and support that the family has received since the death of the community.

Mac Miller fans gather at Blue Slide Park

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