Marvel & # 39; s X-Force Returns with (mostly) classic line-up

Marvel Comics today announced a new running X-Force series. And although the line-up of the team will appeal to fans of the classic & # 39; 90s X-Force & # 39 ;, there is a big change this time. The younger version of Cable introduced in the current Extermination miniseries plays a key role in the book.

As revealed by, the new series will be written by Extermination writer Ed Brisson and signed by Cosmic Ghost Rider artist Dylan Burnett. View the cover of Pepe Larraz for number 1, showing the new team setup.

Art by Pepe Larraz. (Marvel comic books)
Art by Pepe Larraz. (Marvel comic books)

As the cover shows, most team members are veterans of the classic X-Force series, including Domino, Warpath, Cannonball, Shatterstar and Boom-Boom. The new team also includes Deathlok, who was previously part of Wolverines Uncanny X-Force squadron.

The big surprise however is Young Cable, who recently made a name by killing the original cable. You would think that X-Force would be reluctant to include the man who killed their former leader, even if he happens to be a time-consuming version of that leader. Brisson told "" At the moment we have a number of different things going on with X-Force. EXINEMATION, Domino, Shatterstar, Cannonball and Warpath come from the loss of their mentor and have unanswered questions. They're looking for this new kid cable to get those answers – some want their heads, some just want to talk to him to find out what's the matter in the world. Is this really their cable? Is this a cheater? "

Brisson also promised his love for the original volume of X-Force. "When X-Force first came on the market in the 90s of the last century, I was the first on the release day at the comic store," he said. "Until that moment I had read NEW MUTANTS and was a huge fan.X-FORCE was astonishing for the 16-year-old I. There was something about seeing the new mutants, students at that moment, & # 39; graduating & # 39, in their own team, it's something that does not happen often with X-kids. "

Look for X-Force # 1 to store stores on December 26th. It is not the only high-profile X-book that ends up at the end of 2018. Marvel has also recently revealed that Uncanny X-Men will come back as a weekly series about an important conflict called "X-Men Disassembled."

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