Nick Jonas gets a new mustache

Nick Jonas has a new look!

The "Right Now" singer, 25, wore a freshly shaved and whole slender mustache when he went to the studio on Wednesday while wearing a "NAMASTE" tee, khaki pants and a denim jacket.

Jonas had his neck skin grow for several weeks before he tore his beard and left a mustache behind.

Fans have serious opinions about the singer's facial hair, and many urged him to shave it all off. One person for the joke tweeted, "* Group chat sees nick Jonas new mustache * Michael: oh no Mike: oh no Steph: oh no Me: oh no."

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Someone else said"I can not take you seriously with that mustache."

"I can not let myself sleep after seeing Nicholas mustache 😪 why nick jonas why 😭😭," a fan said. Another fan added, "🎵🎶 #Right Now you have to shave that mustache … I have those lyrics right? 😜"

Before Jonas and fiancée Priyanka Chopra (36) moved to the west coast, they attended Ralph Lauren's 50th birthday at the New York Fashion Week and went on a double date with Joe Jonas and his fiancée Sophie Turner at the American Open.

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"Priyanka put her head on Nick's shoulder – they looked so cute," a source told PEOPLE of the couple at the tennis tournament. They were accompanied by Priyanka's mother Madhu.

Last month, Nick and Chopra confirmed their commitment by posting a photo of their engagement party in Mumbai, India.

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"Future Mrs. Jonas My heart My love," Nick subtitled the photo, which Chopra lovingly stared into his eyes as her hand was put on his chest.

Chopra endorses her photo: "Tasks … With all my heart and soul."

PEOPLE confirmed that on her 36th birthday Jonas had introduced her to Chopra, while the lovebirds were on holiday in London.

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