Sarah Jessica Parker & # 39; s lawyer denies theft allegations: & # 39; She is not a jewel thief & # 39;

Cape Town – Actress Sarah Jessica Parker (53) is accused of lending jewelry in 2016 and not giving it back.

The Divorce star has been accused of stealing jewels worth $ 149,551.96 (R2.1m) from Kat Florence Designs, Page six reports.

The quadruple Golden Globe winner wore the jewelry during a photo shoot for the brand, the company claims.

Then she asked if she could "borrow several pieces of the jewelry personally to wear for a few months and then bring back all the pieces."

The agreement was that she could keep the accessories for two months, but the company says that the fashionista has not yet returned the jewelry.

The jewels are earrings worth $ 40 706.72 (R590 247.44) and a ring worth $ 27 115 (R393 167.50).

"It is our statement that after a photo shoot, Parker asked under the approval agreement to personally wear a number of the jewelry for a few months", according to the lawyers of the company.

"We agreed and documented what she had in March 2016. More than two years later, the jewelry was never returned to us.

"We believe that since Parker has kept the jewelry since 2016, she has to pay us for it."


But Sara's lawyer, Ira Schreck, has issued a statement stating that the allegations are incorrect.

"SJP was under contract with Kat Florence and was asked to keep the jewelry so she could wear it on red carpet and other events, if necessary," Schreck said.

"Sarah Jessica Parker is just as honest and trustworthy as anyone I've ever met, she's never and never captures something that's someone else's.

In fact, she has been asking for it since Cat Florence falsely stopped paying her to get the pieces back, but Cat Florence did not seem very interested to get them back. & # 39;

This is not the first time that Cat Florence Designs and Sarah have had a dispute.

In April, the jewelry company filed a lawsuit against her after their joint venture failed.

But she filed an appeal in July that she had not been paid what was specified in the contract.

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