The video of Harvey Weinstein is awfully known by so many women

A A recently released video in which Harvey Weinstein mistakenly touched and presented a young woman during a business meeting, has emerged, prompting a new wave of discussion and commentary on the film magnate and his alleged victims.

In the images obtained by Sky News, 28-year-old Melissa Thompson is seen trying to pitch her company's video and analytics service at Weinstein's office in New York in 2011, but he repeatedly makes inappropriate comments and asks Or he can flirt with her and if he can have "a small part" of her.

From the beginning, the dynamics are clear: when Thompson stretches out her hand to shake Weinstein's, he flatters him and pulls her against her instead, rubs her back.

Thompson has said that she felt she had to use the inappropriate comments from Weinstein & # 39; salaven & # 39; and tried to send them back in a way that is safer & # 39; seemed. This dynamic is painfully recognizable for many women.

A situation where there is a huge power imbalance (Thompson had to do the sale, Weinstein had full control). A situation in which you do not feel safe (at the beginning of the video Weinstein, a big man, can be heard who locks the door and repeatedly tells his assistants not to interrupt.) A situation where you feel like you are fast you lose control and desperately try to regain it while trying to appease the perpetrator for your safety.

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