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We are getting a new Dune table RPG to coincide with the upcoming release of the new film

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Movies, toys and games often tend to go hand in hand together. After all, few things make people more excited for a new film than the opportunity to spend even more money on toys and associated games that come along the right path? In fact, as Hasbro and Disney could attest, real money is not in the film business, but in the inevitable toys and games you sell on the side that make even more money.

And it is with this in mind that when there is a great film on the horizon, we will have the inevitable links that come with it. And in anticipation of a new move by Dune that arrives in 2020 by director Denis Villeneuve, it seems we are getting our first piece of merchandise to get on with it, in the form of a table-top role-playing game. According to a press release on Flames of War (via io9), Gale Force Nine will produce a series of table games that will take us through the entire scope of the Dune franchise. Now, Dune board games are not new, but with most existing board games based on the Dune world, it's a good time to release new ones.

The first game should come out next year and it will be a board role-playing game made in collaboration with Midiphius (Star Trek Adventures, Tales from the Loop) and will probably include not only some exciting ones mechanics and role missions, but many miniatures to make your explorations in the world of Dune much more fun. How exactly the game is not detailed in the press release, but given the rich world they have on offer it could end up being big enough and present many characters and exciting creatures along the way. Not to mention expensive, since these table-top role-playing games tend to attract the inner geek into all of us offering a lot of extras that enhance your experience and destroy your wallet at the same time.

Of course, celebrating the release of a new film by Dune with a board game seems a bit suitable considering the long history of franchise games, with many people introduced into the franchise thanks to the excellent games of Westwood's Dune strategy. And while there will be a series of exciting board games, the exciting news does not stop there and they are planning the release of a new series of original books by the creator Frank Herbert, his son Brian Herbert and the writer Kevin J Anderson who he continued to work on the franchise after Frank Herbert's death.

Looks like the dune is getting bigger again than ever and even if we have to thank the movie coming out for this, I think it's safe to say that they already see the movie a lot of money in the merchandising and games market and they're already starting to reap the benefits in that department.

Last updated: August 16, 2018

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