ANC & # 39; s proposed "land cap" amendment will paralyze the economy – Mmusi Maimane – POLITICS

DA leader notes that modern commercial agriculture requires large-scale plots of land

ANC & # 39; s proposed "land cap" adjustment will paralyze the economy

The intention of the ANC to amend Section 25 of the Constitution to restrict ownership of agricultural land to 12,000 hectares is an irresponsible and regressive idea that shows that the party is not able to understand the nature of modern agriculture in the 21st century. This proposal must be rejected in its entirety.

It is widely recognized that modern commercial agriculture requires large-scale lands to remain productive and competitive – jobs and food for thousands of South Africans. This is dictated by economic needs, not by the individual whims of farmers. An act of arbitrary repression of commercial farms would collapse many farms – making them no longer economically viable.

Moreover, domino effects would be a failure for the banking sector, as many farms are subject to real estate loans from major banks. It is reported that if banks would not be compensated for these loans, as much as $ 160 billion could be wiped out of their books.

As Minister of Mineral Resources, Gwede Mantashe should focus on the challenges in his current portfolio as the mining sector continues to bleed thousands of jobs due to a weakening economy and policy uncertainty. Mr Mantashe should restore the employment crisis in the mining sector instead of trying to create a new job crisis in the agricultural sector.

Make no mistake, land reform is essential to restore the ailments of our past. The history of South Africa of racial expropriation has left the country with skewed property patterns that exclude most South Africans from land. And we believe that the most appropriate way to deal with this is through the current constitutional provisions. Rough statements like this do nothing to achieve justice. Instead, they encourage illegal land invasion that causes chaos in our nation.

The Constitution is a sacred document and a blueprint for building our shared future. It has not let us down, the ANC government has left us in the lurch. By changing the constitution, the corruption of the ANC government can only continue to give land to the connected few at the expense of many who will never reach justice.

This ANC government is unable to control the real problems of South Africa by building a modern building, a successful and competitive economy that creates jobs. Instead, it has resorted to tried, tested and failed policy measures that belong to dictatorships of previous centuries.

Statement issued by Mmusi Maimane, leader of the Democratic Alliance, August 17, 2018

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