Arts and Education Council grants $ 45,000 to art groups in Missouri, Illinois

Nine art groups in Missouri and Illinois will share $ 45,000 in grants announced Wednesday by Arts and Education Council, a non-profit agency funded with private donations.

The money is split between two programs, each funded by Monsanto Fund. A provides general, organizational support to established art organizations in rural areas; the other funds plan smaller groups of new programs & # 39; s or events.

The funds focused on specific programs & # 39; s support small art organizations working on introducing new art options to the public, according to Cynthia Prost, president and CEO of Arts and Education Council. [19659002] "Usually they are small organizations that may not have access to our other subsidy program," said Prost, "but they come to us and say:" We want to do this project that we think it will be very important for the community or it has a certain impact. "

One of these recipients is HEAL Center for the Arts, which in July offered a one-week jazz camp for participants in the three jazz ensembles of St. Louis area students. To fund the camp, the group linked a $ 5,000 grant from Arts and Education Council to an anonymous donation of $ 5,000, according to the organization's founder, Harvey Lockhart.

Lockhart said the program would have been canceled if one of those funding sources had not come through. Instead, 21 students from six professional musicians who gave musical instruction, plus a session on financial knowledge and other practical issues related to life as a professional musician.

"They learned the business side, they learned their trade, we try to teach them every aspect of the business," Lockhart said.

Another recipient of the grant is the African Heritage Association of St. Louis, who will use the money to present a concert of the South African Soweto Gospel Choir at the Touhill Performing Arts Center. on 10 November.

Continuity STL will grant a subsidy for a training program in media production for minorities.

Artica, the riverfront arts festival in St. Louis that returns in October, has also received a grant. [19659002] Sullivan Area Arts Council, Warren County Fine Arts Council and Raintree Arts Council in Clarksville are the nationwide recipients of general operational support in Missouri. In Illinois, Looking Glass Playhouse won awards in Lebanon and Our Common Ground in Greenville.

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