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A bullet meant for an 82-year-old South African lady, Mrs Nel, was reportedly detained in her Bible after the killers had missed her a few centimeters.

Bullet shoots at 82-year-old lady, logs in her bible in the newspaper

It was gathered that the daughter of Mrs. Nel, 61, and her 63-year-old friend were beaten in their beds with the handle of a pickaxe at the attackers and left with head injuries, and the police have launched a manhunt for six suspects after firearms. and mobile phones were stolen from the house.

Before the attack that took place in Mahikeng, South Africa, 82-year-old Bettie Nel was awakened by sounds and found two attackers in the transition from her home. After they had thrown a door stop at them, a shot was fired and the suspects fled.

Bullet shoots 82-year-old lady, logs in her bible in lailas news 1

News24 reported that the bullet was missing Nel, and struck the Bible on the side table next to her bed. This is due to the ongoing violence against white farmers in South Africa, as President Cyril Ramaphosa is trying to speed up the pace of land reform.

Bullet shoots 82-year-old lady, logs in her Bible in LailasNews 2

While the South African president-president rejected the fear that South Africa might be subject to sanctions if he made a proposal to expropriate white farms without compensation, it should also be noted that the murder rate in 2017/18 was reduced by seven percent. had increased compared to the previous year.

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