Cape dwellers are protesting against gang violence

Residents of the Kensington area near Goodwood in Cape Town have placed boulders on the Voortrekker road and caused a great chaos during peak hours.

They are protesting against gang violence in the area.

The residents say that the means of the police are inadequate to deal with the scourge of gang victims who have hit the area.

A resident, who only identified himself as Alicia, says that they demand a clear supervision of starters.

"If the police are here, everything is fine, but there are simply not enough resources, when we call our local police station there are never enough vans, the police arrive hours later when something has happened. their number, so why do not they come out when we need them, "says Alicia.

Meanwhile, the road has been blocked by the police and traffic authorities are also present. Voortrekker Road is an important thoroughfare that connects the northern suburbs of Cape Town with the city center.

Traffic controllers say that Voortrekker Road is closed between Jakes Gerwel and Pretige Road in Kensington.

Traffic spokesperson Maxine Bezuidenhout says that the road is also closed on Third Avenue, which means that no traffic on the railway bridge in Salt River is possible.

Traffic officials train drivers.

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