City of CT concerned about the impact of MyCiTi strike

Brett Herron, the city, says that commuters are already exerting pressure because of the ailing train connection.

MyCiti bus service. Photo: City of Cape Town

CAPE TOWN – The city of Cape Town says it is worried about the impact the MyCiTi bus strike has on commuters.

Hundreds of MyCiti bus drivers started a wild strike on Monday morning, which affected various routes.

The city Brett Herron says that commuters are already exerting pressure because of the ailing train connection.

"Armed strikers intimidated their colleagues who did not participate in their illegal attack, which is of course unacceptable and I urge the vehicle and company operating companies to meet as quickly as possible to try and get everything done. solve what the cause of this disturbance is. "

The JP Smith of the city can confirm that commuters can not rely on rail transport.

He said he was at Mitchell's Plain station, where he stayed behind after his train did not arrive.

"This morning I went to Mitchell's Plain while I was stationed, I was there for two and a half hours, and we tried to climb a train to get to Cape Town. [and] there were no trains. We are not talking about Prasa who collapses in the future tense, Prasa has already collapsed. "

Meanwhile, one of the bus drivers says that drivers want better working conditions.

"You can not take care of a family member if they are sick or dead because you deserve from pocket to mouth, we want equal work, equal pay, better working conditions and are invested by the city of Cape Town."


There are only a few MyCiti bus routes in use and commuters have been commissioned to make alternative transport arrangements.

The nightmare of commuter traffic is likely to be continued on Tuesday morning, because prominent employees will continue their demonstration.

The police used sedation grenades to spread a group that had been collected in the CBD on Monday.

Spokesperson for the drivers, Patrick Mabindisa, says that the city of Cape Town has not been open to work with them so far.

"The city of Cape Town has shown an attitude of no concern from Brett Herron and Patricia de Lille."

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