CLOCK: Hastily resident of Hangberg during a robbery, two arrested

A resident of Hangberg was reportedly shot during a robbery, during which two suspects were arrested and automatic weapons confiscated.

The arrests were triggered after a flying squadron was reported to be under attack. This led to the police allegedly shot the owner of the house. Then the police found firearms and crayfish in the house.

This at a time when the Hangberg community is still on the alert after the violent protests of Sunday, while police divers continue their search for missing fisherman Durick van Blerk in Hout Bay Harbor on Thursday. The Van Blerk family had called for the police to be able to do their work without interference and for the community to stop protesting.

Van Blerk went missing after he had gone overboard after an alleged altercation with an anti-poaching unit, when he and two others were prevented from illegally fishing for crayfish.

The photo 's of Van Blerk' s rubber duck, taken at Bay Bay police station after the incident, reportedly showed several bullet holes by the engine and pontoons.

Police would have found firearms and crayfish in a Hangberg house on Thursday night. Video: supplied

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