DJ Tira publishes a public statement about the accusations of rape by dancers

Founder of record label
Afrotainment DJ Tira has released a statement in which he tackles the rape
accusations against one of his dancers Nhlanhla Chiliza.

Afrotainment took to address their social media accounts
the recent charges against the dancer Nhlanhla Chiliza, popularly known as Sgaqa, for allegedly raping a
14-year-old girl.

In the statement, the company starts by straightening the record,

"Afrotainment would like to express to the members of the
public, family of the alleged victim and the press, that AFrotainment NOT
condoning or promoting, support any abuse of another person. "

The record label that some South Africa & # 39; s signed
biggest music stars, explained in the explanation how Sgaqa handed himself
to the police after he became aware of the allegations against him.

Afrotainment continued to state that they would
supporting the 41-year-old and even described him as an "upright"
member of the community "to add that he," works hard at the
improving his neighborhood and that of his community and has achieved reach
projects in his community. "

The company urged fans and members of the public to allow it
the law to go about it,

I am sure that if one of your family was accused of something
in this way you would support them and wait for the evidence, the police procedure and
courts to determine what the truth is. We ask the audience to please do it

Sgaqa who was denied the bail when he appeared in court
for the first time after the state argued that he could or did influence the victim
witnesses have since been released on bail R5000 and are expected to return
in court on October 5 according to reports.

Read the full media statement below:

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