EFF calls for boycott of & # 39; companies owned by racists & # 39;

Mandisa Mashego of EFF says that citizens have the responsibility to stand up against racism wherever it seems.

Gauteng EFF president Mandisa Mashego speaks to the media outside the Bramley police station after filing a criminal charge against Adam Catzavelos. Photo: Kayleen Morgan / EWN

JOHANNESBURG – The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) called on South Africans to boycott companies owned by Adam Catzavelos after his video recordings of racist rant have become viral.

In the video, Catzavelos is heard bragging about being on a Greek beach without a single black person in sight.

He uses the k-word to refer to black people.

His relatives immediately released him from the family business, St George's Fine Foods.

Earlier on Wednesday, the red berets filed a criminal charge against Catzavelos at Bramley's police station.

The EFF demands that action be taken quickly against Catzavelos by stating that black South Africans can not stand a new day of racist insults.

Mandisa Mashego of the party has called on South Africans not to support companies owned by racist people.

"We're going to call for a total shutdown and consumer boycott of all Smokehouse and Grill stores, and we do not want a single black person to enter restaurants."

Mashego says that citizens have the responsibility to stand up against racism wherever it appears.

"You should ask yourself all why you do not visit the head office, but if it is necessary, of course on the ground, we will mobilize and ensure that we confront the racists."

Some restaurant groups have broken ties with the family business of Catzavelos, St George's Fine Foods.

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According to the EFF, racism will be criminalized after the recent video of Catzavelos in South Africa.

Mashego says the party will insist on stricter laws against racism.

"We have a motion for racism to be criminalized and for harsh punishments similar to rape and murder."

Earlier on Wednesday, the controversial prophet Paseka Motsoeneng, known as Pastor Mboro, accompanied the red berets to the Bramley Police Station.

"This is our country … this is our country that God has given us."

The EFF has called on the police to arrest the Johannesburg businessman as a matter of urgency.

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)

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