Goldfields Showgrounds is a tribute to the chairman of the Alsation Club

Graham Harold Price was chairman of SA Alsatian Club at Goldfields Showgrounds Bedfordview for 42 consecutive years.

He died on July 29.

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Thanks to Graham, the club remains the oldest specialized dog club in the country, founded in 1922.

He fought cancer for 23 years and was resilient in the course of time and bounced about all those years of fighting against his dreaded disease.

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Even during all his illnesses, he insisted to go to the club on Saturday to watch the training.

Graham lived his life for his wife Esther, his children and grandchild and of course for his love for dogs, especially for German shepherds.

His knowledge of the race and training of the Alsatian, along with his wife Esther, were known and respected throughout the country.

Together they have bred more than 50 litters over the years.

They have taken many national champion dogs out of their nest.

Graham was known for his enormous knowledge of both the competition rules and the standards for the strict breeding of the German Shepherd dogs.

He was also a member of the commission of the Kennel Union of South Africa.

He was born in Birmingham on December 5, 1935. He came to South Africa with his parents in 1953 and returned to the United Kingdom with them.

He served in the British Army in 1954 and later became an administrator of computer systems, but he loved this country so much that he returned to South Africa in 1969.

He settled with his young wife Esther and their young family in Germiston, where he remained until his death.

Graham Price ran SA Alsatian German Shepherd Dog Club as if his life depended on it, even when the club began to accept all dog breeds for training.

He devoted his time and effort to the welfare of the club.

He will really be missed, not only by the members of the club, but by the whole dog world.

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