Hellenic, Italian and Portuguese communities condemn racist rant by Adam Catzavelos

Organizations representing the Hellenic (Greek and Cypriot), Italian and Portuguese communities in South Africa have distanced themselves from the racist tirade of Adam Catzavelos, which he made when he was on holiday in Greece.

Catzavelos, who lives in Johannesburg, picked himself up on a beach and said: "No k **** r in sight F * cking heaven on earth … You can not beat this!"

Since then, he has been dismissed from the family business, St George's Fine Foods, and has decided to ask the company's customers to find another supplier.

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The school of his sons also forbade him to set foot on his property until further notice.

The Economic Freedom Fighters in Gauteng opened a case of crimen injuria against him and his actions were reported by some organizations to the South African Human Right Commission (SAHRC).

The Hellenic, Italian and Portuguese Alliance (HIP) said in a statement that it cooperated with a number of like-minded organizations to pursue a socially coherent South African society.

"It is therefore with the greatest disappointment that HIP learned that the unfortunate, painful and regrettable racist statements of Adam Catzavelos, a South African, were made during his visit to Greece."

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As he stepped away, the alliance said that his remarks were irresponsible and inhumane.

"Although we believe that Mr. Catzavelos's statements are in the minority, they nevertheless underline the need for us all to redouble our efforts to build a non-racist, non-sexist, democratic South Africa of which we can all be proud of. "

The Federation of Hellenic Communities and Societies of South Africa said that his remarks were "personal and in no way reflect the opinion of Hellenes".

"We appeal to all South Africans to work together with mutual respect for solving the important issues we all face," said the federation president, John Philippou.

"The crime situation, economic imbalances, education and health challenges that we all have to solve, outweigh the apostasy of judgments of people like Mr Catzavelos and others."

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