How Farah Fortune built one of SA's most influential PR companies with only R1000

Starting a business is a tough and stressful journey, we often look at those who have experienced the challenges and phases of an emerging entrepreneur for perspective.

This week Thetha Nathi will sit with PR-giant and South African own African star Farah Fortune. The boss lady shares her story with us, as well as some motivational words for future entrepreneurs.

Farah Fortune, known for her work as a publicist of the stars, shares her struggle when she started her company African Star Communications, and what she learned from her activities to become a formidable force in public relations.

"Do not think that the life you have been given is the life you have to live – you are able to live in whatever way you choose – God has a path for you, but it does not mean you can not influence what there is that path, "said Fortune. Listen to one of South African influential women in business and be influenced and motivated to be better than before.

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