If you have reserved a grave, you can not sell it

Those who have reserved a grave can not sell that grave.

The city of Ekurhuleni would like to dispel the misconception that the reservation of a grave grants the ownership of such a cemetery and gives the undertaker the right to sell that right to a third party.

"The reservation of a grave does not confer any form of ownership of a grave, it only gives you the right to bury a loved one in the grave," says Themba Gadebe, spokesman for the subway.

Graves can only be bought in the city as and when necessary for immediate use.

Nevertheless, a person who has reserved a grave can cancel the grave reservation and receive a refund, while the city again allocates it to others in need.

The reserve of the graves is arranged through the cemeteries and the regulations of the crematorium. In the event that the person who has reserved a grave has died, the family or heirs may renounce the right to use the unused grave back to the city.

"According to city regulations on cemeteries and crematoriums, the transfer of rights to existing reserved graves or the sale of a reserved unused grave is forbidden, but the city may withdraw an on-demand request by the person who has reserved it and refund the interment costs incurred on the site. application date, "added Gadebe.

Requests for revoking a reservation can be submitted to the cemetery officer where the grave in question is located for further processing.

If the applicant for a reserved grave has died, a person who wishes to receive a refund for a reserved grave must submit an affidavit showing that he / she can act on behalf of the other family members or heirs.

The affidavit must also state that the family members or heirs involved are entitled to the proceeds from the reserved grave. This declaration must be submitted together with an application to the cemetery on the cemetery where the unused grave is located.

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