In no way was Magnus a pedophile, says Vlok

Attorney and Order Minister of Public Prosecutor Adriaan Vlok does not believe that the former Minister of Defense Magnus Malan could have been part of a pedophile circle in the 1980s.

He described the allegations against Malan and other politicians of the highest national party. , In the book The Lost Boys of Bird Island, as shocking.

"It's really shocking for me, and as far as I can remember, none of these allegations happened in the past, at that time," said Vlok in an interview with CapeTalk on Friday.

The book, written by former police officer Mark Minnie – who was found dead on Monday – and former journalist Chris Steyn, makes accusations of accusations about the abuse of boys and the subsequent attempts to cover up the scandal.

"I know Magnus and I can not believe these allegations against him," said Vlok.

He pointed out that Malan was guarded most of the time by guardians and was skeptical that they would have kept such a horrible thing a secret.

He reminded Malan, now dead, as an introverted person who was honest and a person of "high character".

"He was a great person, as far as I remember, he was not a man attracted by men and children.

" He was an introverted person, he was not extrovert, but he was open.

"As far as I can remember, he was always honest with me.

" I can remember him as a person with a high character. He was a soldier. "

Vlok, however, said it was important to properly investigate the allegations and that if there were any victims, they would have to come forward with evidence so they could put an end.

Minnie, 58, was found dead at night at the Theescombe smallholder of a friend outside Port Elizabeth with a gunshot wound on his head.

The found gun next to Minnie's body is believed to belong to his friend and former colleague, Brent Barnes, who also owns small business where Minnie died

A suicide letter was discovered on the spot.

A top judicial detective is in Port Elizabeth to investigate Minnie's mysterious death.

Dr. David Klatzow arrived in the city on Thursday night request from the Minnie family.

He has worked on high-profile cases, including the death of MK agent Ashley Kriel and the assisted suicide of my magnate Brett Ke bble.

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