Introduction Legislative proposal not intended to appropriate tradition – the Parliament

does not intend to appropriate traditional initiation during the formulation of the Usual
Initiative proposal, said the chairman for the Portfolio Committee
Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.

Richard Mdakane on Sunday
reassured traditional leaders, saying that their contribution would be to the bill

"Chiefs work well with us
and we love them. Their authority is guaranteed in the constitution. By
this piece of legislation, we do something for the nation. We can not have that
a culture that brings people to tears, "said Mdakane.

Mdakane said the committee would
leaders and kings to join in parliament once the current process has been completed, "to get input from them on how
best to practice tradition. "

The committee held its audience
Hearings on the account in Rustenburg, where people emphasized the difference between medical circumcision and
traditional initiation, as well as the role of leaders in tradition.

Mdakane said it was
Parliament when the culture was disturbed and "often told from the perspective
of people who are not interested in the
culture. "

" Deformation causes havoc. The
is important for society to understand what is learned during initiation
schools. The content of the schools must be good so that parents feel comfortable with it
ease when their children are at initiation schools. "

Mdakane said that culture was about
the development of society.

"We want to return better
men and women of these schools. This bill raises discussions throughout
country, "he said.

The public hearings go to
Limpopo on Monday, with Mpumalanga and Gauteng on Tuesday.

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