It is & # 39; moral cretins & # 39; EFF versus & # 39; white monopoly capital & # 39; Cosatu

Trade union federation Cosatu condemned Wednesday the "infantile, racist" attack of the EFF on its parliamentary coordinator.

Cosatu's parliamentary coordinator, Matthew Parks, presented a submission on Tuesday that provided expropriation without compensation to the Joint Constitutional Review Committee. However, he was one of those who claimed that a constitutional amendment was not necessary, because article 25 already provides for expropriation.

EFF MP Tebogo Mokwele wondered why the Cosatu representative presented a "white minority viewpoint" on the white land.

Parks said that the EFF sometimes confused coarseness with political militancy.

He said that Cosatu's submission had made several suggestions because he did not want to be guilty of populist sloganeering & # 39 ;.

"No, no, no, we're not going to let that man say I'm a populist," Mokwele said.

& # 39; A white messiah & # 39;

On Wednesday, the EFF issued a statement in which "progressive Cosatu members who want the country back and expropriation without compensation, dispense with Cosatu unions in their numbers and seek out alternative unions, who will understand that black workers return the country need" .

"The EFF reports its deep disappointment about Cosatu, who sent a white messiah to parliament to protest against expropriation of the country without compensation," said EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

"In essence, through a white messiah, Cosatu argued that expropriation of the land can be achieved without adapting the constitution, a lie that will only see the same repetition of failed land reforms that characterized South Africa over the past 24 years. of the constitution to allow land expropriation without compensation, consciously or unconsciously maintaining the status quo. "

In response, Cosatu issued a statement condemning the "stunted and racist attacks by the EFF" on Parks.

"Some inconsistent EVF MPs and its leader Floyd Shivambu accused our parliamentary coordinator Mathew Parks of clearing with white monopoly capital and serving white interests because he is also white," says Cosatu, national spokesperson for Sizwe Pamla.

"These moral idiots and political idiots said this after Cde Mathew Parks told Cosatu that she supported the expropriation of the country without compensation, but opposed changing Section 25 of the Constitution.

EFF & # 39; race hustlers & # 39;

Cosatu said it was not surprised by "these outrageous attacks" directed against Parks "by these organized noisemakers and professional race scammers".

"They are nothing but evil, self-pitying magicians with the moral compass of an opportunistic infection. These beings of bombastic nonsense thrive on applause or social media-like odds they can get through loud name-calling."

Pamla said that Cosatu was a non-racial organization with a proud history of fighting apartheid and rejecting racism.

"We believe that all employees, regardless of race, must organize and unite and we are proud of the immense contribution that many white, colored and Indian countrymen have made to fighting not only against apartheid, but also to building up this country. . "

"We will fight race-hustlers like the EFF and their racial-tendencies, in the same way as we fight against arrogant and entitled white supremacists."

Pamla said that the EFF was most welcome to give his opinion on the contributions of Cosatu to the federation "without engaging in political theatricality".

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