K-word video backlash mauls Catzavelos as another company lowers ties with the family business

Kgomosotho said they still had to make contact with Catzavelos. "Like Penny Sparrow, we hope he will be fined by the equality tribunal."

AfriForum condemned Wednesday the use of the k-word but added that there must be a constant condemnation of racism from all race groups.

Ernst Roets, the deputy CEO of AfriForum, said that all forms of racism must be condemned. "AfriForum has already filed 115 criminal charges against people who had filed the murder and even genocide of minorities.

"It is worrying that, when there is a call for violence against minorities, it gets almost no attention in the mainstream media, but when a white person says something offensive about black people, it is regularly elevated to a national crisis," Roets said.

The Baron Group of restaurants said earlier on Wednesday that it would no longer serve its steaks with St George's Fine Foods and would look for a new supplier.

"[On] In the morning of August 22, we were informed of the recent racist video (of Catzavelos) and investigated. We found his video completely unacceptable and ended our company with St George's Fine Foods with immediate effect, "said Baron Group director Gareth Spencer.

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