[LISTEN]Progressive parenting requires a village mentality, says parenting expert

Creative parenting expert Nikki Bush talks about the importance of sparents, and what it means to be a progressive parent.

Sparents is a term that is popular on social media and refers to reserve parents says Bush.

She adds that sparents are extra people that we can invite into the lives of our children to help them raise their lives.

We know that things are changing in the world of parenting because we live in this rapidly changing world, Bush says.

She adds that the marketing manager of Unilever South Africa has made an interesting comment.

He said that we can no longer look at modern parenting through a binary lens that she adds.

The Gogo can take the place of the mother and the father says Bush.

We have many different scenarios in which moms decide to go alone.

Nikki Bush, creative education expert

Children, like parents, need much more than just us.

Nikki Bush, creative education expert

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