LIVE: forced to stop expulsions in cities – Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa now answers a question from NFP member of parliament Sheik Imam.

Ramaphosa: "We want our people to have a better life, in fact, we would say that we all need to distance ourselves from acts that will lead to the withdrawal of people.

"If there are areas where people are expelled, we say, it must stop, we can not go back to the methods of the apartheid regime."

They must always put people's interests first.

"Our lives of our people count much more than the amount of money they can earn by selling plots of land.

"We need to stop those steps to sell land over the minds of our people and we need to have discussions to solve the problem.

"I am completely opposed to expulsions from people, the mass movement of people from areas, especially from places where they have lived forever and in one day."

He tells how his family moved to Soweto in the sixties.

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