LIVE: #StateCapture commission will investigate investigations that Guptas government positions offered to Jonas, Mentor

ANC urges members to come up with evidence from the government, even if comrades are involved

The ANC has encouraged members who have evidenced evidence of state withdrawal to be "courageous and courageous" and to submit a request to the investigation committee, even if they imply their comrades.

Chairman of the party Zizi Kodwa told News24 prior to the start of the investigation on Monday that the committee was crucial for the party to restore a broken trust between the party and the public.

"Those who have publicly made harsh accusations must be courageous and courageous and use this important platform to bring forward evidence for the sake of the country." We need to bring the facts to the attention, "said Kodwa.

"It includes ANC members and ANC leaders, regardless of who is involved," he said.

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