LOOK: Private Cape Game Lodge welcomes a cute new addition to family

Cape Town – The Aquila Private Game Reserve has welcomed a new addition to its buffalo herd.

A new calf has joined the family.

The teams in the reserve watched as the other animals came to greet the newborn calf.

The other animals, including a herd of zebra, came by to greet the new addition. Image: Delivered / Aquila Private Game Reserve

"After the recent acquisition of Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve in the Western Cape, Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa was delighted to welcome a new calf to the buffalo herd," the sanctuary said in a statement.

Mom sniffed at those like game rangers who were not welcome. Image: Delivered / Aquila Private Game Reserve

"Aquila teams sat and watched as the cute new addition to the herd was personally greeted by every female zebra in the course of an hour, like a newly born royal!

Even when Mama snorted and tried to chase them away, the zebra's remained fearless, so far as to bend the baby on his nose.

Image: Delivered / Aquila Private Game Reserve

"Aquila plans to introduce more buffalo to the herd in the coming months, to strengthen and broaden the gene pool," he said.

"So we keep our fingers crossed for more young people!"

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