LOOK: Residents march to the Civic Center to demand basic services

Residents of the informal settlement Marikana in Philippi took their frustration over a lack of basic services at the Civic Center and demanded that the city keep its promises.

"We were promised nine streetlights and out of nine, we were told that by December 2017 three would be installed and operational, while the rest would be operational in April, one was installed and even that does not work.

"This is not the first time we say that people are dying and that the safety of children and women is at risk," said community leader Xolani Tukwayo.

The killing of 11 people on the same day last year caused some residents to flee the area. This prompted community leaders to demand electricity and street lighting.

Mayco member for informal settlements, water and waste services Xanthea Limberg accepted and signed a memorandum of requirements yesterday.

The requirements include residents who want to be plodded into the area, decent and dignified sanitation, an upgrade to Protea Road and the city to buy the land privately, so that they can enjoy all basic services.

Limberg said: "The Marikana settlement formed on a number of private property as a result of an illegal land invasion and it is the subject of a pending lawsuit.

"The city has today (yesterday) visited the city and can confirm that the services in the area are functioning well.

"These services include portable toilets, standpipe taps and a fully-serviced waste collection, and the city also offers sandbags to help with flooding in the area and has been in constant contact with Marikana's leadership."

She said that in light of humanitarian concerns, the city is also busy placing high-level lights on the site of the city owned by the settlement along Sheffield Road.

"To this end, the city will install five 30m high mastheads according to the agreement with this community.The city can confirm that the first high-mast light today (yesterday) has been successfully installed and is operational," she said.

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