Memorial service for #MarkMinnie to keep in PE

Port Elizabeth – On Friday, a commemoration will be held for Mark Minnie, the former police officer of Port Elizabeth and co-author of a controversial book that claims that ministers from the apartheid period were part of a pedophile circle.

The service is held in the Dutch Reformed church building Port Elizabeth West, on the corner of 5th Avenue and Pickering Street in Newton Park.

Earlier this month, Minnie, co-author of "The Lost Boys of Bird Island," was found dead on the edge of Port Elizabeth in what appeared to be an apparent suicide.

The body of Minnie was discovered on the collateral of a friend in Theescombe and the police said a commission of inquiry had been opened.

At that time, the police said that Minnie had contracted a gunshot wound and a gun had been discovered next to his body.

A suicide letter was also discovered in the building.

The book, which concerns high-ranking former officials of the National Party and cabinet members who were reportedly part of a pedophile circle in the late 1980s, is a collaboration between Chris Steyn and Minnie.

The publishers of "The Lost Boys of Bird Island" have since released part of the suicide letter.

Tafelberg Publishers has published the following excerpt – addressed to the co-author of Minnie.

"The sad cries of the lost boys of Bird Island have haunted me for the last 31 years, and finally their story is finished. [Chris Steyn], do not give up now. You are almost home. No government official that prevents you from investigating this time. & # 39;

According to Steyn the extract was from what Minnie is & # 39; last writing & # 39; specifically mentioned to her. The rest of the letter was addressed to his family.

Family and friends have expressed doubts that his death was suicide.

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