Mosque suspect is the wrong man & # 39;

A RELATIVE of the man accused of placing a hoax bomb machine at a Vereeniging mosque, is of the opinion that the police have abused his mental illness and "accusations were spinning" against him.

The Hawks investigate the possibility that the accused, Heinrich Holtzhausen, was also associated with the attack on the Imam Hussain mosque of Verulam in May. This after it appeared at a meeting of a parliamentary portfolio committee on police work last week that Holtzhausen, who had been taken into pre-trial detention, had previously lived in Verulam.

The committee meeting recently focused on issues related to attacks on mosques and the discovery of fire-hazardous devices in Durban.

But the family member, who asked not to be named, denied that Holtzhausen, 36, lived in Verulam and said that he had always lived with his parents in a flat in Vereeniging.

"He was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2009 and has suffered a great deal and hospital treatment.We do not even know where Verulam is and have no knowledge of him living there.We are concerned about his well-being and feel that things are deliberately established on him because he has a mental illness, "said the relative.

The relative said they only knew that he lived in a Durban mosque for a while, where they gave him food and sheltered him, and he did a few chores there. This was at a time when he was reported missing. The family member also confirmed that he had disappeared a few times due to his condition. But they did not know in which mosque he had lived.

Last Thursday Holtzhausen appeared in the Vereeniging Magistrate & # 39; s Court for a formal bail request. He left the application and the case was reset on 16 November.

He was arrested on July 31 because he supposedly planted a bomb in the Masjid Taqwa in Roshnee, Vereeniging.

The founder of Verulam's Imam Hussain mosque, Azad Seedat, said he had been anxiously awaiting the police's progress in the May 10 incident in which three mesmerizing men stormed the Shia-sect mosque and Abbas's throat Essop pierced, 34. Two others, Ali Nchinyane and Muhammad Ali, were injured in the attack. Two days later an undigested explosive was found in the mosque. It is more than 100 days since the incident occurred.

At the meeting of the portfolio committee Dianne Kohler Barnard of the DA said that the police mentioned that the investigations were at a sensitive stage and that they could not give too many details.

EFF MPL Blessing Mhlongo, who also attended the meeting, said: "We are not satisfied with the progress that has been achieved so far, and the feedback we have received shows that little or no progress has been made."

The Hawks spokesman, Brigadier General Hangwani Mulaudzi, could not confirm whether arrests would be carried out because it was an "operational issue".

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