Nine year old girl greeted a hero after trading in medal for good sportsmanship

Laerskool Warmbad student Kaila Germishuizen did the unthinkable when she helped a barefoot runner from another school over a strip of thorny ground during a 2 km cross-country race in Groblersdal, Mpumalanga.

Her good deed was witness Thinus van der Heever, a parent and cross-country coach at Kaila's school.

When Thinus worried because Kaila (9) did not reach the finish, he ran to another position in an attempt to spot her. What he then saw, brought him into tears.

& # 39; She picked the girl from the ground and walked with her in her arms, & # 39; he said. Fortunately the girl was small, so she was able to carry her over the thorns and laid her where the ground was free. & # 39;

The co-runner was only identified as Sephokwane of the Groblersdal Academy.

Thinus said that a few parts of the track were covered with thorns and that while Kaila wore a Sephokwane, a marshal told her that she was not allowed to do so. Kaila was broken.

"When I approached the two girls, I noticed that Kaila was crying because she was upset that she was not allowed to help Sephokwane," says Thinus, co-founder of Edu-Discipline, a company that specializes in a holistic approach to implementation and management of disciplinary systems within the school community.

"I told her she could help and asked her if she wanted to," he added. "She said & yes; & # 39; and I told her to go back and help her sister. & # 39;

The two girls ended up behind the rest, but Kaila won another kind.

"We will present her a medal for the whole school on Monday," Thinus said. "I was very proud of her, it was tearful to see how a nine-year-old girl showed me what it is like to have unconditional love for the people around you.

"From this, people have to learn that they have to be willing to lend a helping hand no matter where they are."

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