Police investigate after two children have been killed in Kagiso Shack Fire

Kagiso – West Rand police on Wednesday confirmed that they are investigating after a shackfire sacrificed the lives of two children, the last in a series of deadly fires this week.

Gauteng police spokesman Captain Mavela Masondo said that the police were called on a scene at 16:00 on Kagiso Ext 8 and told what happened.

"The 22-year-old mother claimed that she was out of laundry when she was told that the hut was on fire.

"It is claimed that she called for help but the fire was already uncontrollable."

The two children of the woman, respectively two and eight months old, were in the hut and both died.

Masondo confirmed that a commission of inquiry had been opened and that the police were continuing investigations to determine the cause of the fire and the death of victims.

News from the Kagiso-keetfire comes when a Filipino man mourns the death of his partner, their three children, who died in a hut fire at Browns Farm.

Meanwhile, Alexandra are now faced with negligence and culpable accusations after four children have died by a fire while the women were reportedly drinking at a shebeen.

The two have since appeared in court and have refused their bail.

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