Police to maintain strong presence in #Kensington after shootings, protest

Cape Town – Residents of Kensington took to the streets Friday morning to protest against a number of shootings in which at least two people were killed and two others injured.

In one of the cases the suspect was shot and a firearm without license was found.

The protest on Friday morning caused the closure of Voortrekker Road, the main road in and out of Kensington, Cape Town, between Jakes Gerwel and 5th Avenue, the city of Cape Town said.

Police spokesman FC van Wyk said that rumors that residents rioted were false and that the march was largely peaceful.

"These reports about people throwing stones and burning rubbish are not true, the march was peaceful," Van Wyk said.

He said that affected residents met with the police at the Kensington Police Station on Friday afternoon.

"It is very peaceful, they are currently meeting the police administration at the station and with the CPF (Community Policing Forum) and putting their grievances into words."

Van Wyk said the march was in response to the recordings this week in which at least two people were shot.

"Research into cases of murder and attempted murder is under way.

"No arrests have been made yet."

Operation Thunder continued in the area, Van Wyk said, and the police would remain strongly present. The operations had already resulted in two unauthorized firearms, a .45 amd a 9 mm pistol, he said.

"We observe the incidents with concern and we also notice the concerns of the residents about what happens in their suburbs, there will be more police available."

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