Regioset for heavy rain showers on Tuesday

Winter may be over, but Cape Town's weather forecast is not yet ready to stop blessing the local population. Considerable rainfall is this week towards the region.

If Ventusky and Accuweather predict, the planned precipitation will arrive late on Tuesday evening and fall during the night. Although the cold front looks weaker than a few days ago, there is still more than 25 mm on the maps for the Cape.

This incoming weather system will last until the early hours of Wednesday morning, so that the southwest of the Western Cape can easily overflow. It also seems that the dams that serve the municipality of Cape Town are on course for a deluge.

This is how things take shape in the coming days.

Cape Town weather forecast, Tuesday 4 September

Rainfall reaches the west coast just after 5 pm on Tuesday. Sweeping across the Cape peninsula and the Atlantic coast, the cold front with movement in a north-easterly direction. The city of Cape Town is looking forward to taking in between 15 – 25mm rain on Wednesday for the afternoon.

However, the region between Paarl and Stellenbosch seems to suffer the most rain this week. The estimates for the next 48 hours indicate that 35 Р40 mm falls before Wednesday afternoon. The cold front is a bit later on the outside of the Cape Métropole and 23.00 is the planned time for this barrage of rain.

Cape Town weather forecast: Will the rain reach the dams?

It is good news for most water reserves. Both Steenbras Upper and Lower – located near Grabouw and Sir Lowry's Pass – will push the 35 mm barrier up, according to Ventusky.

Villiersdorp, where Theewaterskloof is located, is about 5 mm on course. The biggest dam in the entire system is on track to finally exceed the 50% full score this week. A new amount of rain will help halfway through the once-hard-hit facility.

In the meantime the Berg-river probably sees 20 to 30 mm of rain. The from Franschhoek will also enjoy a good flogging late on Tuesday evening.

Eastern Cape rainfall for September

By the way, it is worth mentioning that the Eastern Cape – stuck with its own, possibly more serious day-zero crisis – is ready for a storm of rain. We will be giving updates about this planned rainfall the coming week, but for the time being the seven-day rain forecast looks good, broadcasted through the sky.

Cape Town weather forecast
Yes, that is almost 200 mm of rain predicted to fall between now and next Sunday. A more detailed prediction will soon be released.

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